Isomalt 16 oz by Cake SOS

Isomalt 16 oz
Improved workability; Non-hygroscopicity process; Storage stability; Clean, sweet taste; Non-cariogenicity; Low caloric value
AROMA - None
TASTE - Sweet
TEXTURE - Granular
FUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES - Pure, sweet taste A lesser sweetness than sucrose High chemical and biochemical stability

Directions for use: To prepare Isomalt for pulling and blowing, place the desired amount of Isomalt in a stainless steel pan. Heat on high heat, until the Isomalt reaches a temperature of 320° and no pearls of Isomalt remain in the mixture. Remove the mixture from the heat and allow the bubbles to subside. Add 8 gr. of water to every 1lb of Isomalt. Mix to blend together. Pour the Isomalt syrup into a silpat and proceed to work with as sugar. The mixture can be reheated several times.
Net Weight: 16 oz.(453.6g)
Storage: Isomalt should be stored cool and dry. 

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