1/2 Dozen Cupcake Container (6 cavities), 100 ct

With this plastic Muffin/Cupcake container you can do just that! This product is great for storing and showcasing your desserts, especially with a great amount of icing. With a cup diameter of 2 1/8" and a high top lid, this container creates a lot of space perfect for storing specialty cupcakes with a lot of icing, or nutritious muffins with a large, fluffy top. The hinged construction also prevents damage to your desserts during timely transit, avoiding costly and annoying clean up. This all-in-one product makes it easier for you to store your desserts without having to worry about the rest!
Dimensions: 9 3/8" x 6 3/4" x 4".
Bottom Cup Diameter 2-1/8"

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